The inspiring work of our clients and partners.

We are inspired by the amazing, creative, and challenging work our clients do. These case studies highlight our process and how we deliver for our partners.
Research, Design
Radio vs Social Media: A Deep Dive into Cambodia's Media Landscape for FEBC
We worked with FEBC to navigate Cambodia's shifting media landscape, blending traditional radio insights with emerging digital trends.
Research, Design
Socio-Economic Rights Toolkit and Guidelines for Women Entrepreneurs
Utilizing human-centered design methods, we researched, designed, and created tools and guidelines for women entrepreneurs in Cambodia to understand their rights better.
Assessing the needs of Women-Led Start-ups
We partnered with the Asia Foundation to identify areas where they could provide support for women-led start-ups through their ‘Women in TEK Network’.
Research, Design, Development
Building a Chatbot for Civic Engagement
Tech platforms can help citizens to build a good relationship with local government. In the past though, encouraging citizens to engage their local government through technology platforms has been a challenge in Cambodia. Information dissemination can be unpredictable, and technology has yet to help streamline the process.
Research, Design
Redesigning Government Accountability Toolkits for Children
How we worked with Save the Children Cambodia to update their Social Accountability Documentation Toolkit to better engage children.
Social Media Research for LGBT+ Communities
For those who self-identify as LGBT+, there are few opportunities in Cambodia to be able to connect with other community members, or to advocate for human and legal rights. OneWorld was running a social media advocacy program for LGBT+ rights, targeted at LGBT+ people in provincial areas of Cambodia. OneWorld hired us to carry out a risk assessment to understand the risks or potential risks that social media advocacy might have for members of the LGBT+ communities.
Understanding Identity Technology in Emerging Markets
Yoti: A Market Leader in Digital Identity
Research, Design, Development
Research, Design, and e-Learning for Workers’ Health in Cambodia
Marie Stopes’ WorkerHealth program, funded by USAID, helps women in garment factories to understand family planning and sexual reproductive health. Through research and design, we developed appropriate tools for them to support their WorkerHealth Champions.
Research, Design
Design to Empower Youth Leaders
World Vision's Youth for Change curriculum helps young people to make positive change in their communities. We worked with them to make it easier to use.
Design, Development
Delivering News At-Scale
We created a site to carry breaking news, features, analysis and citizen journalism for Voice of Democracy (VOD), a project of the Cambodian Center for Independent Media. With over 1 million views per month, is a vital voice in Cambodian democracy, advocating for transparency in human rights and justice issues from human trafficking to illegal logging, and speaking for accountability amongst public officials at all levels.
Design, Research
Content strategy and design for advocacy
Oxfam's Inclusion Project supports civil-society organisations for women, indigenous groups and young people in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. They needed a way to carry their voices further, and help them to find their voice and grow their impact as advocates against the negative effects of damming on the Mekong.
Research, Design
Nationwide storytelling for citizen’s rights
The Cambodian government and the World Bank started a project to help people in rural areas get important information about their health and education rights. We made sure it landed in every community through print media, using illustrations that presented the information in a simple and appropriate way.
Research, Development, Design
Digital health tools for high-risk communities
FHI360 is one of the world's largest global health NGOs, and they needed to promote healthy lifestyles for communities in Cambodia that are at a higher risk of HIV infection. We helped them tie together content strategy, web development and web design to build supportive communities online.
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