Radio vs Social Media: A Deep Dive into Cambodia's Media Landscape for FEBC

We worked with FEBC to navigate Cambodia's shifting media landscape, blending traditional radio insights with emerging digital trends.

Cambodia's media consumption landscape has been undergoing a significant transformation. With traditional radio listenership on the decline and a surge in smartphone and social media usage, FEBC recognized the need to adapt and understand these shifts to effectively reach more people throughout Cambodia.


The primary objective was to assess the effectiveness and reach of FEBC's broadcast content on Family-FM in Kampong Thom province. Additionally, the research aimed to understand the impact of social media promotion on the Voice of Love (VOL) Facebook page in the context of the broader media consumption trends in Cambodia.

Research Process & Methodology:

  • Initial Planning: FEBC commissioned Glean to conduct a comprehensive research project. The initial plan involved household surveys in both Pursat and Kampong Thom provinces to gauge traditional radio listenership and the demographics of the listeners.
  • Adapting to Challenges: The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions in Cambodia posed significant challenges. The initial household survey methodology had to be recalibrated.
  • Revised Approach: Glean shifted the focus to assessing radio reach in both urban and rural Cambodian communities. Additionally, a comparative social media campaign was launched to measure the effectiveness of social media reach in post-COVID Cambodia.
  • Data Collection: Household surveys in Kampong Thom province provided insights into radio listenership trends. Concurrently, social media research in Pursat Province evaluated the potential of Facebook ads in reaching and engaging a wider audience.

Goals & Aims: Understand the Media Landscape: To gauge the current state of traditional radio listenership versus digital media consumption, especially among different age demographics.

Evaluate Cost-Effectiveness: Compare the cost implications of expanding traditional radio infrastructure with the potential reach and engagement of digital platforms.

Strategic Recommendations: Provide FEBC with actionable insights to inform their future communication and engagement strategies, ensuring they remain relevant in a rapidly changing media environment.

What We Did:

  • Demographic Analysis: The research identified key demographics for traditional radio, revealing that most listeners were aged between 25-49 years old.
  • Digital Engagement Study: The effectiveness of Facebook ads was analyzed, with a focus on engagement levels based on video content and duration.
  • Comparative Analysis: A side-by-side comparison of traditional radio trends and digital platform engagement was conducted to highlight the shifting preferences of the Cambodian audience.

The research underscored the decline in traditional radio listenership, especially among younger demographics. In contrast, digital platforms, especially social media, showed promising engagement levels, particularly among users under 34. The research illuminated the evolving media consumption habits in Cambodia. For FEBC to continue its mission effectively, it's imperative to embrace a blended approach, intertwining traditional radio broadcasts with a pronounced emphasis on digital tools and social media.

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Project Consultant(s)
Jesse Orndorff