About Us

Glean Asia is a leading digital experience agency located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations striving to make a positive impact. Since our inception in 2010, we have been committed to addressing the digital insights and transformation needs within emerging markets across Southeast Asia. Our portfolio includes collaborations with influential organizations such as Pact, Oxfam, World Vision, One World, The Asia Foundation, as well as significant governmental and intergovernmental entities including The World Bank, The Royal Government of Cambodia, UNDP, and USAID.

At Glean Asia, we specialize in market research, digital transformation strategy, and digital product design and implementation. We are passionate about assisting governments and organizations in navigating the shift towards new digital economic models and engagement strategies. Regardless of your position in the digital transformation journey, we are here to ensure you achieve your best work.

Our team in Phnom Penh is expanding, and we are currently seeking a Vue.js Consultant to join our enterprise team and contribute to the development of our enterprise portal platform.

To apply, please forward your CV, portfolio, and salary expectations to: hello@glean.net

Job Description – Vue.js Consultant

This pivotal role within Glean Asia emphasizes the importance of Vue.js expertise, along with a proven track record in delivering high-quality digital solutions. The Vue.js Consultant will work closely with both mid-level and senior developers to create exceptional outcomes for our clients. The primary focus will be on developing custom integrations and enhancements for our portal system, leveraging a headless API architecture, with an emphasis on front-end development utilizing Vue.js.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement innovative solutions using Vue.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, adhering to high-quality design and development standards.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve complex issues, ensuring the stability and performance of applications.

  • Collaborate on project planning, execution, and completion, aligning with company strategy and client expectations.

  • Monitor project progress, report to stakeholders, and address challenges with effective solutions.

  • Engage with clients to discuss development strategies and decisions, embodying the company's standards and vision.

  • Support client websites with content updates and enhancements.

  • Identify opportunities to optimize revenue and promote the Glean Asia brand.

  • Work with diverse clients, adapting to their varying backgrounds, ideals, and goals.

Education & Experience

  • Proficiency in Vue.js, along with a solid foundation in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

  • Familiarity with Java frameworks, headless APIs, and portal systems is highly desirable.

  • Background in Computer Science, IT, programming, or a related field, through professional or academic channels.

  • Experience in development, computer science, or devops.

  • Proficiency in Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel) and ability to communicate effectively in English and Khmer.

Key Competencies

  • Exceptional problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Effective planning, organization, and execution of projects.

  • Strong decision-making, communication, and leadership abilities.

  • Skillful in negotiation, conflict management, and team collaboration.

  • High adaptability and stress tolerance in a dynamic work environment.