Advocacy for dam-threatened communities

Client: Oxfam Cambodia

Oxfam staff needed to help people across the Mekong to stand up for their needs while dams are being built.

Our Approach

Simple content-creation tools, processes and capacity-building to lower the barriers between doing good work and making good content.

Project Background

Across the Mekong region, dams are being built, often without the consent of those living next to rivers, who could lose food, fields, or homes as waters rise and fall and rivers change course.

Oxfam's Inclusion Project supports civil-society organisations (CSOs) for women, indigenous groups and young people in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. They needed a way to carry their voices further, and help them to find their voice and grow their impact as advocates against the negative effects of damming on the Mekong.

It was important that messaging was clear, and that content could be created by staff with differing levels of experience.

Say it the right way

We created a comprehensive and accessible suite of tools that helped content-creators across the Mekong region to create content, and to mentor and promote the voices of the women, young people and indigenous groups most at risk from dam-building, including core messaging, audience profiles, style guides, content calendars, content-management processes.

We trained Oxfam's staff in the system, and coached them through the first few iterations of the process; they're now operating independently, finding more voices to celebrate and promote all the time.