Designing Better Projects

March 15, 2016 in Design, Human Centered Design

Project design is a process that takes years of work to master. From project scoping, planning, design, and implementation there are a lot of areas to master. If you’re interested in creating better projects, that engage more people, increase impact, and are more fundable check out these tips on how to optimize your project.

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Why should I care?

March 10, 2016 in Design, Human Centered Design

Imagine you’re searching the internet for a solution to a problem you have. You hit Google and start typing keywords to search, or you might even type in your entire question. Google throws thousands of possible matches at you. As you browse the links, you find a few that look relevant. Clicking through, you land on a blog post, various articles, and websites.

Now think about this: how much time do you give to each of those websites? How long will you allow yourself to look at a website before you move on?

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