Make Honesty Your Thing: 4 Ways To Engage Donors By Telling The Truth

March 24, 2017 in Strategy

If you’re a nonprofit marketer, you’re doing something good, and you’re doing it for a reason. It’s a good reason: so good that you’re in communications for an NGO instead of a bank or a Fortune 500 company. It’s worth all your long days and long nights.

Your organization is the same. If you’re doing something worthwhile, you have a story to tell about why. And your audience is interested in your work, and shares your motivation.

Why, then, is your content not converting readers into donors?

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Understanding Your Ecosystem

March 22, 2017 in Technology

Let’s start with a story. Once, a developer, let’s call her Jenny, had been tasked with rolling out a software update to a group of users. Jenny did all the hard work that developers do for these types of projects. She sure that the update would work with the old system, that the update matched the features from the users, and that the program was rolled out without any downtime. Following up a few months later, Jenny found out that many of the users were no longer using the program. She verified that she had given the users what they wanted in a program, but found that they could not use it because they did not have the latest version of the operating system that was needed to support her program. She had failed to understand the ecosystem in which she was developing the program.

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NGO comms: get past content panic, and publish

March 16, 2017 in Communications

Creating and publishing content for an NGO comms blog is a pain. Blogging is, to be sure, a very powerful way of talking about your organisation and your work, but there are times that it’s just hard. For me, this is usually about the fact that there are so many options. If you’re not careful, the many things you could possibly write tower over you and then collapse, with a strange sort of melancholy wheezing noise, into the very few things you have actually written. And the blog still sits there on your site, where it could be showcasing your work, desperately fallow and needing to be grown.

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