Promoting Democracy in Cambodia

The Cambodian government and the World Bank started a project to help people in rural areas get important information about their health and education rights. We made sure it landed in every community through print media, using illustrations that presented the information in a simple and appropriate way.

Context is Key

We’ve got a lot of experience around the world, but every project needs to make sense to the people it’s trying to reach. We engaged local communities directly so we knew what they needed, and worked with a talented local illustrator to make images that communicated the rights of rural Cambodians without depending on pre-existing literacy or knowledge. Khmer Illustrations

Key Design Considerations

Keep it Simple: Communicating information about health and education is a huge responsibility, and we wanted absolutely everyone to be able to access it and use it. We made sure our posters were easy to understand for everyone. Khmer Illustrations 2 Information is Empowering: People living in rural areas can struggle to get what they need. Often, they don’t know what they’re entitled to, and can be excluded from education and healthcare. We’re proud we helped empower people in rural Cambodia by giving them unambiguous information about their rights. Khmer Illustrations 4 Openness: We wanted to enhance the work of the Cambodian government and the World Bank in promoting transparency. By making a campaign that championed openness, we helped officials and local residents to understand their rights and responsibilities and work well together. Khmer Illustrations 3 Seek to Understand: We realized that we don’t know rural Cambodia as well as rural Cambodians do. So we worked to get their voice into our output, allowing us to meet their needs as closely as possible. By seeking their voice, we brought our clients closer to the people they’re trying to serve. Khmer Illustrations 5