Our Approach

The Growth Framework

As development professionals we know the value of a creative approach. Bringing together data, human-centered design and capacity building, the Growth Framework is how we help our clients to map needs and make interventions that are sustained over time.



Data is key. Understanding problems, and communicating them to donors, requires clear, professional surveying to enable solid decisions to be made about project design and scope. We work with you to get you good insight, rapidly.



The right designers for your project are the people who will benefit from it. No-one knows their needs better than they do. Human-centered design allows us to work with all stakeholders to see the human reality in project data, and design lasting, effective interventions.



There’s no such thing as a magic agency. It’s not good development work if you need to hire us again and again. Capacity-building is about enabling you to do your best work sustainably - from coaching to training of trainers, we’re here to work ourselves out of a job.