Struggling with Social Media?

Our free guide and worksheets on Knowing Your Audience will help you get started!


Your work can feel both high-profle and completely ignored. You’re doing work that helps potentially thousands of people, and the content you create is the most accessible public face of your organisation; but unless you work for a major international NGO, it’s easy to feel like not many people are looking.

Yet social media offers an opportunity which was once unimaginable: the chance to reach a like-minded audience without spending millions of dollars on large-scale broadcast media campaigns or person-intensive fundraising.

Social media is incredibly powerful. But social media doesn’t run itself; there are strategies and methods you need to adopt in order to make the most of the huge opportunity it presents. At Glean we’ve been working to help NGOs - and particularly NGO communications of cers - since 2011. Along the way, we’ve seen the best and worst of social media practice, and we’ve created this guide to help NGO communicators like us to understand how to have a better impact through social media.

Our content guide series is called This is a Story because stories are the fundamental building-block of communicating well, whether you’re using social media or press-releases or lms or ashmobs. From strategy to content, stories are the best way of explaining what you do, and why it matters.

Your organization has a story, and it’s valuable - it’s what makes you and your work special, and it’s about where you’ve been and where you’re going, and why you’re going there.

By telling your story through your content on social media, you can make your audience a part of your story, encouraging them to become advocates for you and long-term supporters of your work.