A voice for democracy in Cambodia


The Challenge

vodhotnews.com needed a new design to make the news easier to read and easier to share, while integrating ads without compromising their content.


Our Approach

A simple, clear design, coded in Wordpress, and migration of an archive containing years of news.


vodhotnews.com - the Voice of Democracy - is a project of the Cambodian Center for Independent Media, an NGO based in Phnom Penh. With more than 1 million users a month, vodhotnews is Cambodia's leading source of breaking news. The site was struggling to convert its breaking news traffic into ongoing engagement with stories and analysis, and needed to make its advertizing fit in better with its existing content.

Design for social change

The site we made was clean and open above all, stripping out noise and allowing users to engage simply and deeply with the content.

We also made sure the site was appropriate for users without desktop access, and refined the site load time to ensure the news is available anywhere there is a data connection. In addition, we migrated VOD's large custom content database into a Wordpress environment.

The strength of a nation's democracy rests on the availability of free, unbiased news. We're proud to have helped the Cambodian Center for Independent Media refine vodhotnews.com.